Collie Escapes And Joins His Dad On Train Ride

Collie Labrador Retriever

Just like most other work days Thomas McCormack got ready for work and left Paddy, his labrador collie mix, in the outdoor kennel for the day. But apparently Paddy did not want to stay home that day and decided to show up on his train car and join him on his morning commute.

McCormack said he was on his train, as usual, and the next thing he knw Paddy had come, gotten on the train and simply climbed into the seat next to him like it was no big deal. After talking to his neighbor he found out that Paddy had learned to bounce on the backyard trampoline and use that to jump over the fence. Paddy then apparently followed his owners scent all the way to the train station and into his train car.

Dogs are truely clever animals. 

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