Things To Do With Your Dog On A Rainy Day

General Information

Rainy days are no fun, not for you, not for your dogs. Often they can spoil your outdoor plans and for your dog, who probably loves going outside, being stuck inside is no fun (not to mention, can be a scary time for some during storms). It's important to find fun, entertaining activities that you and your dog can enjoy on rainy days. Below are some suggestions of things to do on a rainy day:

  1. Play treat based games
    Kong toys (or similiar) and dog casino type toys are great indoor fun for your dog. They provide mental stimulation for him or her, along with the ALWAYS popular treat reward for your dog. These are an esspically useful distraction for dogs who are stressted or antsy during rain storms. You can quickly and easily throw some food inside and let your dog play roll it around, chew on it and in general have fun until they are able to get the yummy food from inside. You can also hide treats around your home allowing your dog to search and find treats in a game they are sure to love.
  2. Take pictures
    Have some fun with your dog, taking pictures, getting them to sit, stay, follow commands, etc. It'll be great fun for you and your dog who will love the attention and stimulation from following commands and it'll give you some fun pictures of your dog to show off (and upload here). 
  3. Teach your dog a new trick
    On sunny days you and your dog will likely want to spent time outdoors and playing. So on a rainy day its the perfect time to catch up on learning a new trick. Engaging your dog and teaching them tricks will only help them be better behaved as well as giving them some much needed mental sitmulation during those rainy days. You can also practice tricks your dog already knows, either way will only help improve the bond between you and your dog.
  4. Watch TV
    Dogs love running and playing, being outside, and chasing toys and treats. BUT they also enjoy relaxing and spending time with you. On those days when you can't go outside it is a perfect time to sit back on the couch, with your dog, and relax. They'll love the time spent with you.
  5. Go outside
    Dogs are waterproof and so are you. If after playing games indoors they are still antsy and full of energy you can always take them outside. You can take them on a quick walk, or play in puddles or any other games they may enjoy. Some dogs may enjoy the rain more than others, but all will find something they will enjoy. 
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