Purpose of dogshomeonline.com
Dogshomeonline.com is a website dedicate to dogs and their human families. We provide information on dog breeds including but not limited to physical standards, temperament, and history. We also maintain a directory of breeders and of available dogs. For the purpose of this page, the word(s) dogshomeonline.com and website shall refer, interchangeably, to dogshomeonline.com, Nereus Design, and any contacted partners assoicated with this website, excluding members and third parties not covered by a liability contract issued by Nereus Design explicitly covering their activites on this website. This website is provided as a service and access is not guarenteed to anyone.
The breeders in this directory have not been screened and are not endoresed or guarenteed by dogshomeonline.com nor Nereus Design, LLC. We rely on community flagging and reporting to remove breeders who do not meet our breeder standards. Members are able to create profiles profiles which describe themselves and their dogs, and these profiles. We do not and cannot guarentee the accuracy of this infromation and encourage anyone who uses our directory to verify the information before entering into an agreement with any breeder listed. Dogshomeonline.com, Nereus Design, nor any of our partners can be held responsible for any transactions resulting from this website.

Anyone purchasing from or otherwise entering into a financial transaction with any member, former member, or visitor does so at their own risk. We play no part in any purchase transaction, but strongly recommend that anyone purchasing or selling a dog or puppy establish and sign a purchase contract, including any applicable guarantee of health, prior to the transfer of any money, for the protection of both the buyer and seller. All Breeder Listings and Ad content, as well as the execution of any guarantees or warranties, is the sole responsibility of the visitor.

By using dogshomeonline.com to contact Members, former Members, posters listings, posts on Message Boards, or any other method of contact, you understand and agree that we are not liable for any communcation or any transaction you may enter into, including but not limited to purchases, and the execution of any guarantees or warranties, health-related or otherwise, associated with any such communcation or purchase transaction.

Dogshomeonline.com makes every effort to prevent the posting of unacceptable content to our website. However, because much of the posted content is immediately available for viewing on the website, we are not responsible for any such content.
Paid Memberships
All breeder listings, unless part of a promotion, or discounted at the discretion of an agent authorized by Nereus Design to do so are part of a paid membership advertising fee. This fee shall appear as billed to Nereus Design, LLC. This advertising fee only guarentees the creation of a breeder account for the specified period agreed to at checkout. It is the responsibility of the member to use and maintain their account. We do not make any additional guarentees regarding the performance of your ad, unless otherwise specified by these terms of service.
Refunds shall be granted, by request, in the case of this site being unreachable for a period of fourty-eight (48) consecutive hours. However we do not guarentee any performance of your ad or listing, nor do we guarentee the functioning of any specific feature available on this site. All refunds related to the performance of your ad or realted to the usage of features on this site will be be issued on a case by case bases and determined soley at our discretion.
Immediacy of Content
Most content posted to this site appears immediatly incuding pictures, advertments and postings to any message boards. However we do not guarentee this. At times of high server load the immediate processing of new listings may be delayed without notice. Any delays related to the posting of new material shall not impact the terms nor length of any paid membership. If you experience a delay in the posting of your content and would like information related to it please use the contact form to contact us with any questions.
Unacceptable Content
Any content that is off-topic is considered unacceptable and is not allowed to be posted on this website. This includes advertisments for other non-pet related services by paid members, or any advertisments by breeders without an active breeder account. Content that is also considered unacceptable and in violate of the terms of usage of this website include, but is not limited to the material listed below:
  • Graphic, slanderous, obscene, sexual, inflammatory, or profane language.
  • Graphic, obscene, or sexual images.
  • Defamatory or negative statements about another breeder, site, business, or individual.
  • Text or images that demonstrate or include references to abuse or neglect of any human or animal.
  • Text or images that promote or make reference to the current act of intentionally fighting dogs, the organization of such an activity, the breeding of dogs for such an activity, or the fitness of a dog/puppy for such an activity.
  • Text or images that are not owned by the member or authorized by the owner of such content for use by the member.
  • Any text or graphic image content that is in violation of local, state, or Federal law(s), or any text or graphic image that demonstrates or reflects the violation of such law(s).
  • Violation of Terms of Service
    We reserve the right to determine content to be in violation of this Terms of Service Agreement. In the case of such a violation, we reserve the right to remove such content without notice. Any member found in violation of our terms of use may have their access to the website terminated with our without a refund. Any refund issued shall be issued on a case by case bases and determined soley at our discretion. Additionally, we may, at our discretion, take civil action against any violator posting graphic, slanderous, obscene, sexual, inflammatory, profane, or abusive content to the website, or any content referring to or depicting animal abuse or neglect. If any such content is in violation of local, state, or Federal law, or if civil action is pursued against any member or poster, we will cooperate fully with any legal investigation, including providing all identifying information of the violator.
    You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend dogshomeonline.com.com, Nereus Design LLC, and any partners, employees, officers, directors, agents, providers, and administrative designees from and against all claims, actions, or demands, including resonable legal fees and court costs, resulting from any breach by you of these Terms of Service, from any action taken by a site visitor or agent thereof, or from any other liability.
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