My older pom has an accident when he, wrongly, thinks he's in trouble. Help?

  • Pomeranian

I have two pomerianans. I've had the eldest since he was 6months old and he is now 2years 5months old. He's very well behaved and obedient. However if he is ever naughty he wets himself when you tell him off - only ever tell him off when it's "in the moment" otherwise he wouldn't have known what he'd done.

My newest Pomeranian is 12 weeks old (3 months) and as such he gets up to mischief which require us to tell him off.

Now while the 12 week old is just starting to grasp the idea of "no" the elder one is constantly thinking we're telling him off. He could be asleep in the opposite room, come running to where the commotion is and proceed to piddle himself with his ears down despite not being associated to it at all..

I'm just worried. My elder dog is becoming very upset as he believes he's being told off constantly and I'm worried this will cause him to become aggressive 'cos he's so scared all the time.

Any ideas?

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