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Mountain View Llewellin Setter Kennel
Bonnieville, KY

SPECIALIZING in ONLY raising 100% Pure LLEWELLIN's SETTERS from Richard Purcell Llewellin, Esq. himself, his personal bloodline known as his pure "DASHING BONDHU" Llewellin Setters. These were his personal bloodlines for 50+ years until his death. No other bloodline is his personal bloodline and is 100% genetically clean.

They are the ultimate, "NATURAL", close working, foot hunting gentleman's and lady's bird hunting machines and loving family companion dogs ever created in the world. NO horse back, independent, high strong, Field Trail bloodlines. Males only average 50-55 lbs. and females average 35-45 lbs. when grown.

NO American outcrosses, NOT ONE DROP! ALL OUR DOGS ARE "GUN DOG CERTIFIED" and hunted on wild Grouse, Woodcock, native Quail as well as Kansas Ringnecks and stocked birds. All 100% NATURAL at pointing, retrieving, and backing (honoring another dog) without the need of FORCE training, GPS tracking, or ELECTRIC COLLARS ever used.

Our PURE Dashing Bondhu bloodlines were originally imported directly from William Humphrey (England) 1960's, Fr. Brannon (Ireland) 1988, and a pure Humphrey bloodline imported from Belgium in the 90's.

These are the SAME EXACT pure bloodlines that produced OLN's "HANK" of OLN's #1 Sporting Show for a number of years "Hunting with Hank" and his son OLN's "DASH" of OLN's "Upland days with Dash and Dez".

Please, see all our dogs' pedigrees! They are the PUREST Dashing Bondhu Bloodlines available in the world! Life-Time 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Genetically sound for a long happy life. Safe airline shipping available around the world!

Please, be sure to see our extensive website considered by many as the best for "Llewellin Setter History", "Dashing Bondhu History", Bio's on "Richard Llewellin", "William Humphrey", and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

Typical litter of our Llewellin Setters.

Please, see our website for more details on pups available and deposits at http://www.mvsetters.com/pupsavailable.html .

A must read before you purchase a bird dog or even your next pet.

Man's Best Friend, easily house trained.

Visits by appointment ONLY!

Please do NOT use "send email" link below and email us directly at mvcr@scrtc.com so we can answer you ASAP.

Some "send email" links do not get to us and is kept as a message online in our account. We might not answer those online messages .


Mike & Marie <><


English Setter

Grouse Point English Setters
Bradenville, PA
These setters are Ryman style Dual type companion gun dogs My line of setters have a high intelligence are willing to please, easy to train, great retrievers, lots of drive.

All Dogs are register F.D.S.B . and OFA hip certified

English Setter

BAR-LEE Setters
Bend, OR
Phone Number
(541) 382-7670
We have a professional breeding program with our own traits that we desire our pups to carry on. We are very careful of what dog we breed to what female each and every time! Only using proven blood lines and Champion line stud dogs. We pride ourselves in our pups doing every aspect of a bird dogs expectations from great pointers to retrieving machines. Several of our pups are usually sold in advance of our actual breeding of the female. Sometimes as much as two years. Call me with any questions you may have.

English Setter

Gilman's Kennels
Blue Springs, MO
Phone Number
(816) 522-9624
Gilman's Kennels is a small family owned Kennel with a goal in mind to produce class English Setters for the field and field trial. This is done by selective breeding and only breeding the best to the best. All of our females are field dogs and trial quality with good genetics and temperament. Our bloodlines include Ch Tekeo Mountain Sunrise, Ch Bozeann's Mosley, Ch Barkers Blue Jett, Ch See Johnny Run, Ch Sunstorm, Ch Houstion's Blackjack, Ch. Hytest Sky Hawk and Grouse Ridge blood lines just to name a few. All of our dogs are registered in the American Field FDSB registered.
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