27 - 30 in (68.6 - 76.2 cm)
57 - 88 lbs (25.9 - 39.9 kg)
Life Expectancy
10 - 12 years
Couch potatoes who love to run
Easy; hard to motivate
Fine, smooth

Greyhound Overview

The Greyhound is an elegant sighthound. It is an ancient breed, with a documented history going back at least 5,000 years. The Greyhound is first and foremost a dog made for running. They are a lean breed with a deep chest and a narrow body. The Greyhound is a well muscled dog with a long and narrow head, dark eyes, and small folded ears.

Many Greyhounds love relaxing on the coach, however it is important to remember that they are athletes at heart. They do need daily exercise, and a long walk morning and evening should be the absolute minimum. Designed for thousands of years to run, they should be allowed to run at least once every day. However, they should not be allowed to run outside of a fenced-in area; if a rabbit or squirrel is flushed during that run, the Greyhound will forget everything in the excitement of the chase.

Although the Greyhound is not normally a problem breed, just as with any puppy, he can get into trouble if not supervised. Greyhounds are very oriented to people and can be quite social, and well be affectionate with all, but can also develop a strong attachment to one person. Greyhounds are good with other dogs, especially large ones, but should be closely supervised and should be on leash when interacting with small dogs, cats, and other small pets.

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