22 - 27 in (55.9 - 68.6 cm)
50 - 90 lbs (22.7 - 40.8 kg)
Life Expectancy
10 - 12 years
Vigorous daily exercise
Moderate; hard to keep challenged
Uniform black, fawn or grey
Long and slightly wavy.

Briard Overview

The Briard is a very old French breed. They have served as guardians of livestock and property since the 8th century. During the World Wars they also served as guards and to find wounded soldiers on the battlefield. The breed was used in dangerous situations so often during the wars that the breed itself nearly went extinct.

The Briard is a large dog with a long head, big eyes, and a deep broad chest. Its most identifying characteristic is its long coarse coat. Even the head and ears are well covered.

Briards need vigorous daily exercise. These are dogs bred to work a simple walk or two a day is not enough. A Briard is great for an active owner, or for a farm where the Briard can work. They enjoy sheep herding, running or jogging, playing on the agility course, or playing fetch.

It is also important to socialize Briards early. This is a watchful protective breed who are willing to protect their property and loved ones. The Briard is an intelligent breed and always enjoys a mental challenge. Training should be structured and firm, but not harsh, and should be fun and varied enough to provide a consistent challenge. Briards are not good with being left along for many hours a day, however with company and leadership they make a wonderful affectionate, loyal and devoted companion.

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