21 - 25 in (53.3 - 63.5 cm)
55 - 71 lbs (24.9 - 32.2 kg)
Life Expectancy
11 - 13 years
Moderate to vigorous
fawn mahogany sealed brindle or brindle, black mask, with or without white markings, and white
short, shiny, smooth, close-lying

Boxer Overview

The Boxer is one of North America's most popular dog breeds. It is said to be descended from a variety of European breeds, including the French Dogue de Bordeaux and the Bulldog. However it became a recognized breed first in German where it was one of the first breeds selected for police work.

The Boxer is a medium sized dog, whose name comes from its tendency to stand on its hind two legs and box with its front two paws. The Boxer has a compact and muscular body with a high head and a short muzzle. The ears may be cropped or left natural and it has a short, smooth coat.

Exercise is very important for the Boxer. They enjoy all types of canine sports and training. The Boxer is very good at retaining training lessons, however at times young boxers can be easily distracted at times. Boxers learn best in a firm and structured but fun and positive training environment.

Boxers are very social dogs and are happiest when they are with their family. They are great with children, although young Boxers may need to be supervised around smaller children due to the Boxers rambunctious nature. The Boxer is equally good with other pets, but may need to be taught that the family cat does not liked to be chased. The Boxer is in general a very good all around companion dog whose loves its people and loves to please.

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Boxer Questions

Why does my Boxer prefer to be outside?

My 2 year old boxer has two dog houses. 1 inside the house (his crate) and another outside. Whenever he's given the option to either be inside or...
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