Canis Panther

24 - 30 in (61 - 76.2 cm)
85 - 140 lbs (38.6 - 63.5 kg)
Life Expectancy
10 - 12 years
Above Average; bred to run
Easy; high intelligence level
Black, chocolate, fawn/buckskin, blue/gray. Canis Panthers are solid in color.
Short and Close

Canis Panther Overview

The Canis Panther is heavily muscled with a wide chest and jaw. Characterized by a high level of intelligence it is friendly to the members of their family, which is ready to go to the extent of sacrificing its life to protect its family, and is rightly called the ‘Ultimate Protector’. Being territorial, they are suspicious about strangers and do not go well with dogs of the same sex, but may get along well with a non-dominant breed, if raised together. Their loyal nature makes them keen to follow the master’s commands. The Canis Panther puppies are extremely playful, enjoying the company of kids.

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