Olde English Bulldog

15 - 19 in (38.1 - 48.3 cm)
44 - 66 lbs (20 - 29.9 kg)
Life Expectancy
9 - 14 years
High; this breed is eager to please
brindle or red, gray, fawn or black; either solid or pied (with white). Solid white, fawn, red or black; solid color or pied.
Short, tight and medium to short

Olde English Bulldog Overview

The Olde English Bulldog (sometimes Bulldogge) is a muscular, medium sized dog of great strength, stability and athleticism. He is well balanced and proportioned, with no features exaggerated or standing out. The Olde English Bulldogs are not only fit for companionship, but also have the drive, agility to perform various types of work. Overall disposition of the Olde English Bulldog is friendly, confident and alert. The distinction of the Olde English Bulldog is that it is a spirited and sprightly dog either in or out of the show ring. Fearless, agile, athletic, protective and docile OEBs are fierce looking and courageous and determined but very frank around family and friends. OEB is docile and friendly toward friends, but furious hostile to those who pose any threat to its family and property. The Olde English Bulldog is enthusiastic to please and may hard-work and efforts to achieve the given tasks.

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