17 - 18 in (43.2 - 45.7 cm)
30 - 45 lbs (13.6 - 20.4 kg)
Life Expectancy
13 - 15 years
gray and black with silver and cream touches
double, with a thick undercoat and a profuse outer coat that stands out from the body

Keeshond Overview

The Keeshond is a breed of dog that became popular in Europe in the 17th century. The Keeshond stands 17 to 18 inches tall and weighs between 30 and 45 pounds. He has a foxlike face with upright ears and black markings around the eyes. The tail is plumed and curves over the back. The coat, one of the breed’s distinctive features, is double, with a thick undercoat and a profuse outer coat that stands out from the body. The coat is gray and black with silver and cream touches.

This breed has moderate exercise needs and enjoys daily walks, brisk jogs, and training sessions on the agility course. Keeshonden have done well in agility competition. The Keeshond Club of America recommends basic obedience training for all dogs. This breed is bright and easy to train and is not prone to trouble as long as training begins early and the lessons are structured but fun. Used as a watchdog in the past, the breed retains an alarm-dog quality, barking when trespassers approach. The breed is not aggressive and, when socialized as a puppy, is very friendly.

The Keeshond is a wonderful family dog, great with kids, other dogs, and small pets. Bred as companion dogs, they take this job seriously and are not happy when left alone for too long each day.

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