RunAmok Farm

Australian Shepherd Breeder in St. Maries, ID

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The original, naturally-reared, moderately-sized Aussie. Over 50 years combined breeding experience produces results educated dog owners like you desire!

Searching for a well-bred companion, herding, agility, Search & Rescue, or Frisbee dog prospect? RunAmok pups have been meticulously bred to exceed your expectations. Parents are genetically screened for hereditary cataracts (HC), progressive retinal atrophy & progressive rod-cone degeneration (PRA/PRACD), and multi-drug resistance (MDR1).

Before placement, puppies' eyes are also examined and cleared by our licensed Ophthalmologist and they have full, "well-puppy" veterinarian exams. Written health guarantee protects your investment!

Outstanding lineage, health, temperament & breed-worthy versatility! Natural-Rearing ensures your pup will be healthy enough to do it all - for years to come!


Visit our site to learn more about our breeding philosophies, natural-rearing program, health testing, and (of course) our currently-available puppies and upcoming litters. Loads of free, canine-care resources as well!

Pricing varies according to quality and purpose. Visit our site to learn more!


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